Scuba Diving on La Palma

If you enjoy scuba diving, the subtropical waters around La Palma provide a unique playground. The sea on the west coast of La Palma is dominated by cliffs and drop-offs, lava arches, canyons, lava towers and caves, with visibility of up to 50 meters, offering fascinating dives for both beginners and experienced divers. The majority of diving sites on the west coast are in the Puerto Naos area, stretching south to the only marine reserve of the island.

Rather than spend a lot of time describing the things you can expect to see, we have included a couple of underwater videos shot off La Palma that should give you a much better idea!

There are several diving centres in the local area, including Los Llanos and Puerto Naos. Nitrox is available at some centres, but it’s advisable to check. The dive centres in the area generally speak English, Dutch, German and Spanish.

Water temperature:
The water temperature off La Palma drops down to a low of about 17°-18°C (63°F) in February and reaches up to a pleasant 24°C (75°F) in August.

Diving Suits:
A drysuit may be preferable in winter months, although a 7mm semidry should also be sufficient. A 5mm wet suit can be worn all year with hood and gloves in winter. If you don’t bring your own, equipment is readily available for rent from the local dive centres.

Visibility is generally very good, up to 20 – 30 metres (65 – 100 feet)

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