Paragliding on La Palma

La Palma is a spectacular destination for experienced paragliders. In fact, La Palma is said to be one of the best places in the Canary Islands for paragliding, with spectacular scenery added to a local climate that allows flying most months of the year. The mild climate and temperatures mean paragliding is possible on more than 300 days a year, with the period from the end of September to May being best. Due to the special thermal and the trade winds extremely long flights are possible.

There are launch and landing sites spread across the whole island, including Puerto Naos, Jedey, Campanorios, Torre del Time, Tel Time, Birogoyo and El Gallo in the west, plus Conception and Fuencaliente on the eastern side.

The most popular landing point is in Puerto Naos, pilots and paragliding organizers have established a meeting point here, to exchange general information about flying and the weather. With some organizers, you can book tandem flights.

Pilots need to take special precautions when flying in La Palma. Experience is essential and it’s important that you understand the changeable weather conditions. Inexperienced pilots should always use a reputable paragliding school. To maximise your safety and enjoyment, you should consider booking a ParaGuide Service. The local Guides, both Paragliding Instructors, are able to guide you in French, German, Italian, Spanish or English.

There are paragliding championships on La Palma for pilots in all paraglider-categories. The most well-known of these competitions is the “Desafio”, a competition with attractive prize money on offer. Visit and for more information.