Mountain biking in La Palma

Mountain biking is one of the most popular sports activites on La Palma, and for good reason. There are over 1000km of trekking routes across the island that are also suitable for bike riding, plus plenty of opportunities away from the standard routes. The local climate, never too hot, never too cold, means that Mountain Biking is an all-year activity on La Palma.

La Palma – a mountain biker’s heaven!

The enormous wealth and variety of the La Palma landscape provides an invitation to explore every part of the island, with stunningly beautiful tracks through green forests, around extraordinary mountains and volcanoes and down into peaceful valleys. Many of the trails on La Palma lead over the Caminos Reales (royal tracks) which are ancient tracks, used as pathways centuries ago by the Guanches.

With all this variety, cycling on La Palma is suitable for all levels of rider, from the sports fanatic through to casual family groups.

In addition to the trekking pathways, road cyclists can enjoy the well-developed network of roads, which will allow you to tour the whole island. Mountain bike fans will appreciate the open terrain, where you can find mountain and volcanic tracks, smaller roads, open-country and forest paths as well as the more demanding donkey paths.

Bike Rental on La Palma

If you don’t bring your own mountain bike when you visit La Palma, you can rent high quality bikes in nearby Los Llanos and also Puerto Naos. Specialist suppliers, such as those at Los llanos de Aridane offer a choice of top-line ‘all mountain’ full suspension bikes from manufacturers such as Specialized, Banshee and Nicolai. With bikes like these, no climb is too steep and no narrow single-track is too difficult!

Bike shuttle services are also available from selected locations which will carry you and your bikes uphill to selected locations, from which you can happily travel cross-country, or just back downhill!