La Palma Villas


La Palma Villas and Apartamentos Isa offer a selection of holiday villas and apartments on the west coast of the island, convenient for the beaches and an ideal base from which to tour the rest of this amazing island. In Spanish, La Palma is often called Isla Bonita, or ‘the beautiful island’ and it’s not hard to see why. Visitors to la Palma can explore the humid north east side of the island with its forests, the Caldera with its lush nature, the Volcanoes and their badlands in the south, the high and mighty Caldera rim, and thousands of green barrancos. Our holiday villas and apartments around Tazacorte and Tijarafe are ideally located, whatever you visit La Palma for.

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Experience La Palma

La Palma is a miniature continent, thirty miles long. Only a full continent could hold cloud-height forests and semi-desert terrain, bananas and horizontal, foot-long icicles. On most days of the year, you can decide which climate you fancy and then drive straight to it. The main reason for this extreme variety is the island’s height and steepness. Roque de los Muchachos, the highest point on La Palma, is at 7,900ft (2,423m). At this altitude the air is 25% thinner than at sea-level.

In 2012, La Palma was made the world’s first Starlight Reserve, which means that facilities for stargazers will be improved and every effort will be made to keep the sky as clear as possible. Laws already control lighting in public places, and astral viewing points are being built all around the island.

Visitors to La Palma have plenty to do during daylight hours too. Visitors from all points of the globe visit La Palma to go mountain biking, scuba diving or snorkelling, paragliding and, of course, trekking. In fact, thousands of visitors come to La Palma every year specifically to hike, and there are around 1,000 km (622 miles) of marked paths stretching all over the island. The Volcano Route down the island’s central spine is a popular choice for walkers and offers truly stunning views.

Of course, you’re welcome to come here to relax on the beaches and enjoy the local hospitality and cuisine!

Tazacorte, La Palma

La Palma Villas, Tazacorte, La Palma

Holiday accommodation in Tazacorte and Tijarafe

If you’re looking for a holiday villa or apartment on La Palma, La Palma Villas and Apartamentos Isa can offer a selection of properties ideal for between two and seven guests staying together. Our holiday apartments are located in Tazacorte on the beautiful west coast of La Palma, ideally located for the beaches at either Tazacorte or nearby Puerto Naos. Our self contained holiday villas are located around Tazacorte and Tijarafe, ideal for people who prefer private accommodation. Some of our holiday villas have their own swimming pools, allowing you to swim and sunbathe in absolute privacy.

Scroll down the page to browse through our properties and check their availability. Booking with La Palma Villas is very simple; just search for the dates you are interested in and then follow the 3-step booking process. No payment is required at the time of booking; a small booking deposit will be requested after we receive your booking request.

Apartamentos Isa, Tazacorte

Apartamentos Isa

Accommodation: holiday apartment
Max: 3 adults or 2 + 2 children

Apartamentos Isa holiday apartments are in Tazacorte on the sunny west coast of La Palma, just 10 minutes from the beach of El Puerto de Tazacorte, superb for exploring La Palma.

Villa los Mangos

Villa Los Mangos

Accommodation: 2 bedroom villa
Max: 5 people

Villa Los Mangos is a spacious holiday villa which sleeps up to five people, offering two bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen, a sofabed for a 5th person, TV and radio-stereo equipment.

Villa Time

Villa El Time

Accommodation: 2 bedroom villa
Max: 5 people

Villa Time is at the top of the Aridane Valley, 6km from the centre of Tijarafe, and about 14 km from Tazacorte and Los Llanos, and offers up to 5 guests absolute tranquility and stunning views.

Villa Arriba

Villa Arriba

Accommodation: 1 bedroom villa
Max: 3 people

Villa Arriba is a Canary-style studio cottage, which is situated in the heart of La Palma’s countryside in a place called Las Cabezadas, 4km from Tijarafe, Villa Arriba guarantees some truly wonderful views.


Apartamento Orion

Accommodation: holiday apartment
Max: 4 people

Located in Puerto de Tazacorte just 50 meters from one of the best beaches on the island, is this comfortable 97m2 duplex apartment, ideal for up to 5 people, with two bedrooms and a sofabed.

Villa Milano

Villa Milano

Accommodation: 3 bedroom villa
Max: 7 people

Villa Milano is a three-bedroom holiday villa with private swimming pool, immersed in a lush garden of tropical plants and just minutes from the beautiful beaches of Puerto de Tazacorte and Puerto Naos.

Here are just a few of the things you can do on La Palma

walking, hiking and trekking in la palma

Hiking in La Palma

With over 1000Km of paths crossing the island, through forests and around volcanos, La Palma is one of the world’s top hiking destinations.

Mountain biking on La Palma

Mountain biking

If you’re a Mountain bike enthusiast, you can rent a bike from local bike rental stations (or bring your own) and explore La Palma’s spectacular countryside.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving in La Palma

Scuba Diving

If you love the sea, treat yourself to a Scuba-diving holiday and enjoy exploring the crystal-clear blue waters that surround La Palma.

Relax on the beach

Hit the beach!

La Palma is the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the sun on the beaches, enjoying the local cuisine and relaxing in a bar at sunset!